Daisy Jones and The Six by Taylor Jenkins Reid

Daisy Jones & The Six is a story that follows a band in the ’70s from their humble beginnings on the LA music scene to becoming one of the most famous bands in the world.

This is truly a story of sex, drugs and rock & roll. We get an in depth knowledge of what went on behind the scenes of this band. The relationships, the battles of their addictions, the feuds and the loves.

I felt the way this book was written is genius. It reminded me of the music magazines of my youth. The interview technique gave us a different view and perspective from each member of the band. Highlighting the fact that people can remember events in completely different ways.

“Billy: I walked down to the patio and then Camila came down in a white T-shirt and a pair of jeans.

Karen: She had on a yellow crochet top. She looked so pretty.”

Billy and Karen, Daisy Jones and The Six
Me reading the book 😍

There are so many characters in the book, each with their own personality. But, I must admit it was the lead characters Billy and Daisy that kept me hooked.

Daisy, is character you can’t help falling in love with. She may seem to have a life that everyone could dream of but we quickly see it lacks the love element.

“There were a lot of teenage girls that wanted to grow up and be me in the late seventies. I was keenly aware of that. But the only reason people thought I had everything is because I had all the things you can see. I had none of the things you can’t.”

“I am not a muse. I am the somebody. End of fucking story.”

Daisy, Daisy Jones and The Six

Even though this story is about a fictional band, the real life references make it more believable.

People don’t die staying up, they die when they go to sleep. Look at Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendrix, Jim Morrison. Downers kill you.”

Rod, daisy Jones and the six

It was so realistically written that I wanted to listen to their music or watch a documentary on them. I had built up a clear picture in my head of what they looked and sounded. This is testament to how well Reid writes.

“All I will say is that you show up for your friends on their hardest days. And you hold their hand through the roughest parts. Life is about who is holding your hand and, I think, whose hand you commit to holding.”

Camila, daisy Jones and the six

Go read this book, it’s such an easy read. And, a well written book filled with everything.

Just because I like the photo 😊🎸