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πŸ“š Synopsis πŸ“š

Joel Baxter is infamous for solving weird and bizarre cases that others avoid. So, when he receives an email from a teenage boy Tim saying his town is cursed, he cannot turn it down.

β€œβ€¦I will more than likely be dead when you read this. There is nothing I can do about it. It’s the curse, and we’ve hit The Crazy Season.” Every 20 years, there are a handful of unexplained teenage deaths and it’s started again.

With the help of his straight-talking friend Melody, they set out to get to the bottom of the alleged curse. Everybody in Black Rock has secrets and nobody wants to speak.

The closer they get to truth the more Joel and Melody realize that their involvement is far from coincidental.

πŸ’­ My Thoughts πŸ’­

There is a town called Black Rock and every twenty years young people commit suicide. Is there a curse? Or is there something more sinister at play?

Jim Ody is an author I have not heard of or read from before. And I am so glad I agreed to be a part of this book tour organised by Zooloosbookdiary for Question Mark Press. Because I have now found a go to author. Ody knows what makes a good thriller and he’s added all those elements into The Crazy Season.

Joel Baxter is our main character here and he is an investigative journalist into the weird and wacky world of the unexplained.  A job that allows him to meet some extravagant characters. But Joel is dealing with some tough times in his own personal life. We see another side to his character that makes him more human and somewhat loveable.

Joining in on the investigation into the crazy season suicides is Melody. She is Joel’s best mates sister. And, she is a breath of fresh air. I absolutely loved her character, a free spirit who doesn’t care what people think of her. Together Joel and Melody are a great combination.

The Crazy Season is told from different points of view and from different points of time. Slowly the truth behind each event that leads to the suicides are uncovered. And it’s a great unraveling.

This story isn’t action packed and filled with gore (which is my usual taste) but it’s more character driven and filled with mystery. It was like peeling an onion, each character had a different layer of secrecy to uncover.

I really can’t wait to see what Joel and Melody investigate next. Will we get to see more of Barry? And who is the man in black?

Thank you so much to the publishers for my gifted copy in exchange of an honest review.

Check out the rest of the tour for more reviews.

✏️ About The Author ✏️

Jim spent 10 years writing music reviews and interviewing bands for a rock music website. He also contributed lifestyle and comedic features and poems to a number of websites.

Jim writes Psychological/Thrillers, YA and Horror that often end with his trademark twists! He doesn’t believe in being restrained by genres and looks to blur the lines between them.

He has had thirteen novels, and well over a dozen short stories published, and re-published by Question Mark Press, Hambrook Press, Wolfgang Press, Limitless Publishing, Zombie Cupcake and Bloodhound Books.

Obsessed with writing, Jim has releases planned throughout 2021 and 2022. These include an anthology and the first book in a YA Horror series.

Jim is also the founder of Question Mark Press, a publisher that helps self-publishing authors to achieve their potential. He believes in Pay-It-Forward, and so authors retain all 100% of royalties.

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