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📚 Synopsis 📚

When a hysterical mother reports her baby’s sudden disappearance, suspicion immediately falls on the absent husband. But Detective Geraldine Steel’s gut instinct tells her this case is not as simple as her colleagues think…

Complications in the mother’s life begin to surface, including her relationship with her controlling father, a controversial political figure. As the police investigate, their urgent attempt to find the missing infant grows ever more perplexing.

Steel is forced to suspect everyone associated with the family and when a body is discovered, matters take a deadly turn.

💭 My Thoughts 💭

In Deadly Revenge we join Geraldine Steel and the team again as they try to solve the case of a missing baby. Jessica Colman has reported that her six-month old daughter has disappeared. Also, she can’t get hold of her husband, Jason. Who has said he’s off on a stag weekend. The only problem there is that nobody has heard of this stag weekend. Something fishy going on? It seems like a clear cut case, Jason has obviously taken the baby, hasn’t he?

When Geraldine and the team delve deeper into this case, they discover that not all is as it seems. And, there are things that happen behind closed doors that aren’t very nice.

Deadly Revenge can be read as a standalone, but as the storyline of Geraldine and Ian’s relationship further develops in this book, I say it’s always best to read a series from the start so that you can get to know the main characters better.

This story was full of twists and turns that you may not have guessed, I did find parts a bit repetitive. But, it was useful to refresh the old grey matter on the details of the case.

Thank you to Anne for my spot on the blog tour. And, thanks to No Exit Press for my gifted digital copy.

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