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šŸ“š Synopsis šŸ“š

You can run, you can hide, but can you disappear for good?

Lauren’s daughter Zara witnessed a terrible crime. But speaking up comes with a price, and when Zara’s identity is revealed online, it puts a target on her back.

The only choice is to disappear.

From their family, their friends, even from Lauren’s husband.

No goodbyes. Just new names, new home, new lives.

One mistake – a text, an Instagram like – could bring their old lives crashing into the new.

As Lauren will learn, disappearing is easy.

Staying hidden is much harder . . .

šŸ’­ My Thoughts šŸ’­

Zara is just an average teenager. She goes to school, she lives at home with her mother, Lauren and stepfather, Aidan. But her life changes dramatically when she was a witness to a heinous crime. She testified in court to get justice, something that took a lot of strength for someone so young to do. But, when a twist in the court case proceedings occurs. This is when Zara’s life is put in danger. The only option for her and her family is to go into witness protection and disappear from the life they have lived.

There are tough choices to make when entering witness protection, and we see the greatest effect on Aidan. He must make the choice of going with Lauren and Zara or staying with his daughter and terminally ill ex wife. A blended family who must make the ultimate sacrifice.

I can’t fault How To Disappear I raced through this book, I’ve recommended it to everyone and I just want to shout from the hilltops for everyone to goddam read this book. It’s definitely a five star read.

I love how we get the story from the perspectives of the four main characters. Lauren, Aidan, Zara and Poppy. We get to see how hard it is for each of them to deal with the new way of life. Zara and Poppy are teenagers and naturally they want acceptance from their peers. So, this leads to a few occasions were I shouted at the book “No, will you stop saying that!!” And, don’t get me started then on Lauren and Aidan who should have known better. But, seemed to be worse than the kids in divulging information that should be well hidden.

How To Disappear highlights and gives us an insight into the world of witness protection. Gillian McAllister states that she had to use a lot of artistic license when writing as finding out information into it is undoubtedly hard.

Towards the end of the story I don’t think I breathed, it was very thrilling and I was worrying about each character. I felt so involved in their stories and wanted everything to turn out right. But, when they are inadvertently leaking information to their whereabouts it’s very much edge of your seat stuff as to what will happen next.

I feel I can’t express in words properly how good this book is. The best I can do is say, go get a copy and immerse yourself into the story. You won’t be disappointed.

Thanks to Michael Joseph Books for my gifted copy.

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