@JAmmoscatto #BookReview #TheDetour THE DETOUR A Road Trip with My Mom, Her Pug and a 1986 Volvo

📚 Synopsis 📚

Michael Garland is so good at getting lost that the thirty-year old coder lives an almost virtual life. He works from home, shops exclusively online—and does not drive.

The poor man is shocked to discover his mother’s last wish is that he bring her ashes in the old family Volvo from San Francisco to her childhood hometown of Lebanon, N.H.

Guilt for reaching his mother’s deathbed too late will fuel the trip—with additional gas supplied by his mother’s Pug, Puddles, he must bring along.

Armed with a GPS, a series of ever-more detailed lists, and the support of his best friend, Savannah, he embarks on an emotional side trip that will change his life.

💭 My Thoughts 💭

Michael Garland is a thirty year old hermit. He will do anything so that he doesn’t have to leave his apartment. He hasn’t got a great sense of direction. So when he finds out that his mother’s last wish is for her ashes to be scattered in Lebanon. New Hampshire not the one in the Middle East. And, that he is to make a road trip there (remember he has no internal GPS and could get lost in his apartment given half a chance) with his mother’s Pug. Michael isn’t immensely overjoyed about the prospect of going. But, he loved his mother and he will do anything to fulfill her wishes.

“I want you to drive us there in the Volvo because:
1.The Volvo took us on all our trips, and
2.You need to see the world in person—not only on Google Maps.
If you fly—I’ll know! The first item on my “Afterlife To-Do List” is to investigate the parameters of spying on loved ones from the Great Beyond.”

I loved this story, it was full of humour along the journey. Michael is a remarkable character, he’s quirky in his actions and has a very logical mind. He was very likeable and made reading the story super easy. Through the book we get glimpses into his life and Michael’s personality comes through.

“He traces his weak navigational gene back to his father. The fact his dad never managed to locate Evelyn’s doorstep after she informed him she was pregnant seemed to bear the theory out.”

With Michael being quite content with living his life from the comfort of his apartment, he has very little contact with people. The very few people he does deal with are close to him. And, one of these is Savannah. It was perfectly clear what was meant to happen between these two, even if they couldn’t blooming see it for themselves.

“So, if she wants to serve as his snow shovel from time to time, she damn well would. She owes him that.
Now, Savannah doesn’t know what she’d do without him. She’s gotten used to him in the same way people learn to love unusual things. Like an indie band. Or curry”

The Detour is a truly wonderful tale of how one man can open his eyes to a world he didn’t know existed. Thanks to the help of his dead mother’s intervention and Puddles.

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