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📚 Synopsis 📚

A simple phone call has Dawn’s world turned upside down. The most important person in her life is now fighting for his life. As the walls start enclosing around her, she battles between protecting her children and herself. Emotions are high and patience is running thin. Whose opinion matters most in a situation like this? What will tomorrow bring? This book walks readers through some of the scariest moments in life. It brings to light different emotions and internal conflicts. The story is a great read for those finding themselves in traumatic situations and wondering if their feelings are out of line.

💭 My Thoughts 💭

This is Nicole Overby’s debut novel. And, if this is the standard of her writing I can’t wait for more of her books.

Top Down Day is a story of one family, over three days told from four perspectives. And, it tackles the heavy issue of death. You definitely need tissues at hand when reading this story.

It is raw, it looks deep into the emotions that each character deals with. The way Overby has written Top Down Day makes it an easy read. Yet, it’s heart-wrenching and will tug at your heart strings.

At some point in our lives I’m sure we’ve all had to deal with death or the passing of a loved one. Everyone deals with the situation in different ways, and this is what comes across in Top Down Day. It highlights the fact that there is no right or wrong way to deal with death. It’s only your own way, and nobody can tell you what to do.

Top Down Day looks at the impact that relationships within the family can help and aid you in the way you handle situations. I loved the different relationships in the story and how you could see how each one had an impact. Dawn was trying to be strong for her children, but as soon as her father arrived. We then saw the vulnerable side of her, I liked these observations and it gave the characters more depth and feeling.

You definitely felt very invested in the storyline and the decisions the family had to undertake. It is a tough topic to handle, but like I’ve already stated Overby handles it beautifully.

Top Down Day is a perfect read for people to understand that as humans we all deal with tough decisions and death differently.

I’ll leave you with a note from Nicole herself from her authors note.

“I hope you could feel the emotions of each family member, and if you’ve lost a loved one I hope this book helps you realize none of the emotions you may feel are abnormal, and you are not alone.”

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