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📚 Synopsis 📚

A missing sister – A bedroom kept as a shrine – A dark family secretWhen Annie returns to care for her estranged mother, she’s faced with the ghosts from her past.Long-held secrets surrounding her sister Gemma’s disappearance in 1989 remain buried in her childhood house. Does a faded photograph in her sister’s old room hold the key to the past?Desperate for clues, she delves deeper in search of the truth. But is it safer to be kept in the dark? Annie is about to find out…

💭 My Thoughts 💭

The Perfect Sister is full of mystery right from the off. We meet Annie who has gone back to her childhood home after being away for years. Nothing strange about that, apart from the fact that when she starts reminiscing about her childhood and delves deeper. We get the understanding that all is not so normal.

Annie’s big sister Gemma went missing. Annie was 5 at the time and Gemma was 16. From the start we get the sense that as soon as Gemma went missing, Annie’s parents especially her mother kind of gave up on life. This meant Annie had to fend for herself a lot, or depend on the hospitality of her neighbours.

Annie is back, and not because she wants to but because she hasn’t got anywhere else to go. She has split up from Shaun, but there is mystery surrounding what happened and why they split.
Also, her mother has been diagnosed with kidney cancer and needs someone to take care of her.  The Perfect Sister is mysterious from the word go. And, I couldn’t wait to turn those pages to find out what had happened.

I must say I didn’t take to Annie much, I found her a bit too needy. But, given her past it made sense for her to be that way. She learnt to deal with things differently as the story went on, and it was nice to see a development in her.

Now let’s talk about Priti. Annie’s friend. This woman needs a novel all for herself. She practically solved the case of missing Gemma all by herself. What the police couldn’t solve all that time ago, Priti has pieced together everything using her laptop from the comfort of her house miles away. Amazing.

My Perfect Sister is full of mystery and keeps you wondering along the way. A great debut novel for Penny Bachelor.

✍🏼 About The Author ✍🏼

Penny Batchelor is an alumna of the Faber Academy online ‘Writing a Novel’ course. She lives in Warwickshire with her husband. My Perfect Sister is her first novel and she is currently writing a second.
Web: http://www.pennybatchelor.co.uk
Facebook: @pennyauthor
Twitter: @penny_author

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