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📚 Synopsis 📚

A body without a name…
One night, the body of a young woman is found, naked but for a necklace, tied to a statue outside a block of luxury flats. There should be an outcry. But the police rule it a suicide, and move on.
A case where nothing is as it seems…
Private investigators Lee and Jo, owners of No Stone Unturned detective agency in Leeds, are tasked with looking into the case. Who was the woman? Did she really kill herself?
A world where danger lurks around every corner…
As they investigate, Lee and Jo uncover shocking secrets. And when they see links between this case and another they are working on, they are forced to question – is any woman ever truly safe in this world? And are they risking their own lives by delving too deep?

💭 My Thoughts 💭

Lee and Jo are the female investigators in The Runaway. They run the missing persons agency called No Stone Unturned, I just love this name. You know these two mean business and will go to ant lengths to solve the cases they are assigned.

The Runaway is the second in a series, but it’s easily read as a standalone. In The Runaway Lee and Jo are tasked with two cases. Firstly, Nikki comes in to ask them to find her missing boyfriend Matt. He went to a party one night and has not been seen since.

The case of missing Matt leads Lee and Jo to partying in an open field, where they start to uncover some secrets that Nikki may not want to hear. But, Nikki has her own secret she needs to tell Matt. Will everything come together?

The Runaway deals with two cases, and the second case comes from a journalist. He asks the women of No Stone Unturned, to look into a cold case of a female found tied naked to a statue. The female in question has never been identified. When Lee and Jo delve deeper into this cold case it highlights some issues that occur during these type of investigations.

“These women were ghosts, drifting in and out of people’s lives, not having made enough of an impact to even be sought.”

I really enjoyed this story, the chemistry between Lee and Jo was great. And, it’s always good to have strong female leads in books. Credit also needs to go to Aunt Edie. Her character brought light humour to this tense thriller.

The Runaway was an adrenaline inducing read. Filled with twists and turns to keep us on the edge of our seats.

✍🏼 About The Author ✍🏼

Ali Harper writes feminist crime fiction. The Runaway is her second novel. An option for TV and film rights has also been signed with Yorkshire-based Duck Soup Films. Ali lives in Leeds, where she teaches creative writing, has just completed a PhD, and plays netball badly.

Thanks to Ali for my digital copy via Netgalley

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