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πŸ“š Synopsis πŸ“š

Sophie Angel is the night lawyer. Once a week, she’s the one who decides what the papers can and can’t say.

During the day, she’s a barrister. She struggles for justice in a system that’s close to collapse, where she confronts the most dangerous aspects of humanity. Her life changes when a wealthy Russian offers her the biggest case of her career, a rape trial with a seemingly innocent client. But is someone manipulating Sophie from the shadows or is the danger much closer to home?

With her marriage under strain and haunted by nightmares from the past, Sophie must find the answer to these questions before it’s too late. This is a story about betrayal, trust, guilt and innocence, played out from the courtrooms of London to the darkest corners of Soviet era Moscow.

πŸ’­ My Thoughts πŸ’­

Well this story is jam packed full of drama and excitement. I loved it! It was so easy to read and even though there was a lot going on. It is written so well that we don’t feel bogged down with the information.

The Night Lawyer is told from the point of view of Sophie Angel. She is a barrister by day and a night lawyer with a newspaper, giving guidance on what they can’t and can’t say in stories. Incase of libel charges. Through this story we get a well rounded view of Sophie and see who she really is. We get to delve into her personal life, her career and also into her family background.

Sophie is half English and half Russian. Throughout The Night Lawyer we get a few flashback scenes arising, hinting that something awful has occured in her past. I like that we only get little snippets in a dream type way, therefore we aren’t entirely sure what to believe, adding to the mystery.

The Night Lawyer centres around Sophie and the cases that she is dealing with. The new case she has involves an upcoming name in the science world, who has been accused of rape. What I did like was the references to real life famous trials in relation to how the accused are affected. Is Henry guilty or not guilty? We the reader don’t know the truth and along with Sophie we must piece together the evidence.

This is truly a great courtroom drama. It is written with great clarity as we go through the evidence from defence and prosecution. And, we get to see how Sophie works through her case. It also highlights the effects of understaffing and underfunding within the justice system. And, what occurs in this story was a very jaw-dropping moment, I had to stop and regain myself while reading.

The Night Lawyer is a fantastic courtroom drama. Sophie Angel is a strong female lead character and I hope to see a lot more of her.

Thank you to Lizzie from Red Door Books for my gifted copy in exchange for an honest review.

✍🏻 About The Author ✍🏼

Alex Churchill is the pseudonym for the writing partnership Alexandra Campbell and Sonja Churchill. Alexandra Campbell is a writer, who has worked or written for many major newspapers and magazines, including the Times, The Daily Telegraph, Harpers & Queen and Good Housekeeping. Under the names Nina Bell and Alexandra Campbell, she has also had nine novels published by Penguin and Little Brown, as well as nine books on interiors published by Cico Books. She currently blogs and runs a YouTube channel, both called the Middlesized Garden. After graduating from the University of Cambridge, Sonja Churchill qualified as a barrister. She inherited her love for Russia and the Baltic States from her Russian mother. She is married with two grown up children and lives in London with her husband.

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