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📚 Synopsis📚

Can you go mad from sleep deprivation? Will my mother ever leave? Will the baby sleep through the night before she turns twenty-one?
Renee is struggling to get to grips with having a totally dependent new-born. Luckily for her there is a Facebook group of new mums who welcome her with open arms and assurances that she might sleep again … one day.

Whilst Renee finds a safe space for questions and confessions, all hubby Nick can see is how easily she seems to be adapting to parenthood: a world in which he still feels adrift. Work is beginning to be the place he feels most at home.

As her daughter reaches the age where she can finally have a solo shower, Renee realises it’s been months since she’s had a baby-free discussion with Nick, let alone a date night. The question remains: will their marriage survive the storm?

💭 My Thoughts 💭

This story follows Renee and Nick. From pregnancy up until the first birthday of their daughter. The narrative is told from both perspectives alternatively. I loved this concept as we get to see how parenthood affects both sides of the relationship.

As a mother myself I could relate to mostly everything that Renee and Nick were experiencing. I remember the bombardment of advice on how to raise a baby. It comes from all directions, friends, family. Even people you hardly know that pass you on the street. And, still you get in your phone and Google for yet more advice.

One key factor that resounded highly was when Renee said that she felt that everything that had defined who she was felt like it was slipping away. I think this is a sentiment that most mother’s feel after having a baby, and it was nice to read about someone else going through these emotions.

It was good to have an insight into the father’s perspective on how things affected him. As we don’t often get to see from the male perspective. Saying this there was some decisions and actions that Nick made that really wound me up. And, I just couldn’t take to him because of this. But, when he was being good it did make me appreciate what my partner might have been going through at the time.

Mummy Needs Help is an insightful view into the lives of first time parents. A great story for those who have gone through it to look back and recall memories. And, also a good book for mums to be to get a taster of what might be on offer. Just remember not every man will make Nick’s choices 👍🏼🤣

Thank you to Anne at Random Things Tours for my stop on the blog tour. And, thanks to the publishers for my gifted copy.

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