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In Rockridge, Ohio, a sinister family moves into a sleepy cul-de-sac. The Eldreds feed on the negative emotions of humans, creating nightmarish realms within their house to entrap their prey. Neighbours are lured into the Eldreds home and faced with challenges designed to heighten their darkest emotions so their inhuman captors can feed and feed well. If the humans are to have any hope of survival, they’ll have to learn to overcome their prejudices and resentments toward one another and work together. But which will prove more deadly in the end, the Eldreds . . . or each other?


Holy bloody Moly. What a fantastic grotesque, stomach churning, mind blowing story The Forever House. Can you tell I loved this book? It had everything a horror loving girl could need.

Weird arse flesh eating family ☑️
A cast of dodgy characters, each with their own vices and secrets ☑️
A house with a gruesome backstory ☑️
Horror scenes to make you squirm ☑️
A complete mindf#*k ☑️

Ok, so let me introduce you to the main family who star in The Forever House. They are a creepy arse family of sorts. Father Hunger, Were wife, Nonsister, Car, Grandother, Machine Head, and Low Prince. With names like that you know your not getting The Brady Bunch!!

The Eldreds travel around searching for humans to feast on. Setting up home and creating an inviting environment to lure their victims into. Complete with a makeshift full moon. It’s all very weird and surreal, which made me wonder about the sanity of Tim Waggoner’s mind to come up with such freakish people. But, I’m glad he did.

When the Eldreds find their next hunting ground. A house on at first glance a quiet unassuming cul de sac. This is when the fun begins. And, where your mind is going to be torn to pieces.

The residents of Rockridge aren’t as clean cut as they first seem. We have a compulsive gambler, a man who is still infatuated with his ex wife, a husband who can’t get his round his wife being bisexual. A paedophile, a child abuser and a mother who wonders if killing her son is the answer to everything.

Given this is a horror story, and the main purpose is to create feelings of fear, dread, repulsion, and terror into the reader. It achieves this brilliantly. I will say though there is a trigger warning of child sexual abuse and paedophilic thoughts. Which as a parent was very hard to stomach.

If you are after a story that will blow your mind, and question your sanity. And is filled with scenes that will have you squirming and recoiling. Then get The Forever House. The Eldreds are an unforgettable family, that will infest your thoughts.

✍🏻 About the author ✍🏻

Tim Waggoner has published nearly fifty novels and seven short story collections, and his articles on writing have appeared in Writer’s Digest and Writers’ Journal, among others.

He’s won the Bram Stoker Award and has been a finalist for both the Shirley Jackson Award and the Scribe Award.

He teaches creative writing at Sinclair Community College in Dayton, Ohio.

Many thanks to Anne for my stop on the Random Things Tours. And, also to Flame Tree Press for my gifted copy.

If you haven’t discovered Flame Tree Press yet, then I’d suggest heading over to their website and browsing their catalogue of books. Every single book I’ve read from them so far has been amazing.


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