Sully’s Glow by Simi Godagama #BookReview #SullysGlow @fayerogerspr @authoright


Harpi the eagle discovers her inner voice that guides her to Sully, a boy with a glow. Sully is unaware of his glow until he discovers he has the capacity to help someone in need.

After he meets Harpi, together they meet more friends who each in turn have their own issues that heal and transform through their encounters with one another. Eventually with their combined energy, they transform the world they live in.

Sad Sully becomes Smiling Sully, Hopeless Harpi becomes Hopeful Harpi, Perfect Parrot becomes Pitch Perfect Parrot, Greedy Giraffe becomes Grateful Giraffe and Cranky Croc turns into Courageous Croc.


I read this book with my five year old daughter. We both loved it. Sully’s Glow is a story of being kind to one another. And, in the world that we live in today isn’t that the message we need to get across to the younger generation.

The illustrations in the book are so colourful and detailed. Whilst I read my daughter took great interest in pointing out the different things she was finding in the pictures.

At the start of the book was a map of where all the animals and Sully live. Now, I know some of you out there love a map in your book (#MapMonday) And, I’ve discovered that my daughter absolutely loves the idea. When the story told of the animals journey and the places they passed, my daughter revelled in the idea of flipping back to the map to reference where the animals had visited.

This is an ideal story book for bedtime. It’s quite a long story. But, each animal has it’s own chapter. So, what I found useful was to read a chapter a night. Learning about the animal in that chapter and having time to discuss with my daughter what we learnt from that animal. It was then exciting for her the next night to resume the story and discover what would happen next.

The poetic and rhyming narrative makes reading aloud easier. Personally I love a rhyming story for kids.

This is a truly wonderful story of friendship and kindness. It would be a great bedtime story for you and your child to enjoy.

And, my daughter says “I loved the pictures, Sully was a nice boy. It was a great book”


Born in Sri Lanka in 1979, Simi Godagama moved to England at the age of two and has lived in Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire, ever since. She studied Osteopathic, Ayurvedic and Chinese Medicine and today runs the Milton Keynes Acupuncture Clinic where she specialises in women’s health, mental health and fertility. Godagama founded the RuRi Foundation in 2019 which supports educational initiatives in Sri Lanka. She is the mother of six-year-old daughters conceived through IVF.

Instagram: http://instagram.com/simigodagamaauthor
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/sullysglow/

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