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Sometimes you have to take the law into your own hands…

After losing her high-powered job in Hong Kong, forty-something widow and lawyer, Maggie Macbeth, turns up on the doorstep of her old sidekick, Cath, in the sleepy Peak District village of Archdale. A fish out of water, Maggie comes into conflict with everyone and everything – especially Cath’s awful friend, Tiggy – and rock bottom is just around the corner. But it turns out Maggie isn’t the only one in trouble. When a crisis hits the local community, Maggie has a choice: to give up on life, or go back to her legal roots and fight for justice. But can she save the day as well as herself?

This laugh-out loud debut novel shows that no battle is too big when you’ve got friends on your side.


Maggie Macbeth. What can I tell you about our protagonist Maggie? She had it all. A high-flying career in Hong Kong, mingling with the big shots. But, then it all comes to a halt and she has to come back to the UK.

She lands on Cath’s doorstep. Her friend from university, who she hasn’t actually seen for a few years. And, from here on in the fun and drama begins.

Maggie isn’t used to the country life. She’s just come from the hustle and bustle of Hong Kong. So, it’s very much a culture shock when she starts living the village life in Archdale. I loved the humour in this book, and Maggie was usually at the centre of it all. She is definitely not afraid to tell it like it is, and this has a knock on effect on Cath.

Cath, who has settled down and made a life in the village at first embraces Maggie’s visit. But, soon enough when Maggie’s loose tongue gets going. Cath is the one who has to deal with the fallout. It’s not necessarily chaotic, just the fact that Maggie has more guts to tell people to their faces, when Cath would rather just keep quiet and keep the peace.

The relationship between Maggie and Cath is great. Despite not seeing each other for years, they still fall into step like the good old days. Just how good friendships should be. Time apart doesn’t mean time lost. Despite everything that Maggie does or says she knows that Cath will always be by her side… eventually.

A beautiful tale of friendship. With a good smattering of humour. You definitely need Maggie Macbeth in your life.


A native of Glasgow, Stacey Murray was an international commercial lawyer for many years – in the City of London and in Hong Kong. In 2005, she changed career to become an independent film producer. Her first film, A Boy Called Dad, was acquired by the BBC and nominated for the Michael Powell Award for Best British Film at the Edinburgh International Film Festival. She lives in hope – literally, in the village of Hope in the Derbyshire Peak District – with her husband and two rescue dogs. Twitter is her social media drug of choice: her handle is @TheStacemeister

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