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When a beautiful, red haired nurseโ€™s body is found mutilated in her house in Lawley the morning after a date with Detective Constable Ryan Downey, all eyes turn to him.

With a very specific modus operandi, Detective Sergeant Jenna Morgan and her team know exactly who the offender is, the trouble is heโ€™s currently serving a life stretch in HMP Long Lartin.

It soon becomes evident to DS Morgan and her team that there maybe a copycat killer is on the loose.

In a race against time, they need to track down the copycat and discover who is pulling whose strings?


COPYCAT is the second installment in the DS Jenna Morgan series.

It’s a cleverly thought out case, written in a way that the reader is only aware of what little information there is about the killer. Even though we get chapters from the point of view of the killer, don’t be fooled in thinking you’ll be able to suss out who they are. Oh gosh no, Diane Saxon has made sure that you will go through this whole case second guessing yourself all the time. Trust me because I’ve read it, and I was suspecting quite a few people.

This is my first foray into Saxon’s work and I was very pleased with what I read. There were hints and teasers to the first case in this book, but, not so much that it spoils the story. COPYCAT is easily read as a standalone.

Jenna has great chemistry with her partner Mason Ellis. She describes him as a little brother, and this shows in the way they both banter with each other. Alongside these two is DC Ryan Downey, he may be younger than the other two but he is very much an integral part of the force.

However, Ryan doesn’t realise how close to the case he actually is. When in fact he has connections to a couple or more of the victims. I love this idea to have a police officer in the middle of the investigation, it gives us the reader reason to start doubting everyone that we come across.

This was a fantastic thriller full of suspense. It was crammed with drama and intrique. Thanks to Megan for my stop on the blog tour

โœ๐ŸผAbout The Author โœ๐Ÿผ

Diane Saxon previously wrote romantic fiction for the US market but has now turned to writing psychological crime. The Keeper was her first novel in this genre and introduced series character DS Jemma Morgan. She is married to a retired policeman and lives in Shropshire.

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