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All families have secrets, don’t they?

89-year-old Jeannette never meant to keep the truth from her family. But when a near fatal fall sends her to live with her granddaughter Amy, she finds herself revisiting a past that’s been hidden for too many years.

Amy, however, has always been good at keeping secrets. When ex-partner Nick shows up, she’s forced to admit that some things just can’t stay hidden forever.

Judith is starting from scratch – again. The master of reinvention, Amy’s mother has been seeking happiness in all the wrong places. This time though, she might just find it a lot closer to home than she ever believed she would…

As Jeannette’s 90th birthday party approaches, all three women discover they have more in common than they first thought, and the secrets from the past may be the key to unlocking the future.

Three women. Three generations. One legacy they all share…

From the winner of the Gingerbread and Trapeze New Writer Award.


Thank you to Alainna at Orion for my stop in the blog tour of The Truth About My Mother and for my gifted digital copy.

This is an inspiring story spanning three generations of women. And, how family is important no matter what. Each woman has a story and a few lies and secrets (doesn’t every family have some secrets hidden away) When Amy’s grandmother takes a tumble and has to go live with her, the evenings spent together gives them the opportunity to share stories and reveal things about themselves and others that they may never have told.

I really enjoyed reading about each mothers story, even though they all grew up in a different generation and led a different life. They each had similar qualities, and this is what bonds them together. Even though it takes them a while to realise this.

I am from a single parent family. My mother brought me up single handed, I never had a father figure. And, it’s not done me any harm whatsoever. I love that this story proves that the idealistic stereotype of a family with two parents (a mother and father) does not necessarily mean perfect. It shows that if you have a good network of people around you, then you can have a great upbringing. Like the saying goes “it takes a village to raise a child”

All the stories involved were good, I particularly enjoyed Jeanette’s memories. The stigma and repercussions she had to go through of being a single mother in a generation where it was frowned upon to even have children out of marriage. The strength she showed was amazing, I think we all need a Jeanette in out lives. Saying that, I also loved Morag, Jeanette’s friend. She is definitely a friend for life.

A beautiful story of three mothers. A story of strength and love in different forms.

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