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She’s everything he dreamed of. Isn’t she?

Ben can’t believe his luck when Bella walks into his life, just when he needs her most. Sexy, impulsive and intelligent, Bella is everything he ever wanted. And Bella wants him. All to herself.

In fact, Bella decides that everything is better when it is just the two of them, making it harder for Ben’s friends and family to stay in touch. And then a sudden tragedy triggers a chain of events which throws Ben headlong into a nightmare.


Who is SHE? SHE is a book that needs to be in your life. SHE needs to be read. SHE will take over your life.

I absolutely loved this story! The characters, the plot, the quirky flip of the book. Everything! They all come together to give us a gripping thriller that will haunt you to your core.

At first glance this seems to be a lovely “boy-meets-girl” love story. It was love at first sight. Bella is the girl we all aspire to be. SHE‘s got the looks, SHE‘s got the high-flying career. Everybody falls at her feet. She comes across as sweet and demure. But, hang on!! Would that make for a great storyline? Of course not. There is more to Bella than meets the eye. SHE has got hidden depths that nobody aspires to be.

As the story unfolds we delve into a family that is torn apart. What has SHE done? Friendships are fractured. SHE is at the root of it all. SHE is the one common link to everyone. SHE is not what SHE seems.

Told from various points of view we get to see the development of the plotline. And, what I really enjoyed was that we got a first person perspective from Bella. We got to delve into her mind. And, my word that girl chilled me to the core.

What exactly has SHE got up to? That is for you fellow reader to find out. Trust me when I say you won’t be disappointed. SHE is amazing!

Thank you to HQ Stories for my gifted proof copy in exchange of an honest review.

Helen Warner is a former Head of Daytime at both ITV and Channel 4, where she was responsible for a variety of TV shows including Come Dine With Me, Loose Women, Good Morning Britain and Judge Rinder.

Helen writes her novels on the train to work in London from her home in Essex, which she shares with her husband and their two children.

3 thoughts on “#BookReview #SHE #WhoIsSHE @HCWarner @HQstories #HQStories”

      1. I didn’t have that experience – reading the ebook it just said “flip the book”, and then the plot carried on, lol. I think the marketing idea behind the paperback is cool, but unfortunately doesn’t carry over to ebook copies! :p


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