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Lost: Six-foot-two Irish man who answers to the name Samuel McLaughlin.  Has weak shins and enjoys show tunes. If found, please return to Sophie Williams.

Before Sophie met Samuel she saw the world in grey. Before Samuel met Sophie, he never believed in love at first sight.
When they first meet, something tells them they are meant to be.  But fate has other ideas.

Now they have lost each other and can’t see a way back. But they’ve already changed each other’s lives in more ways than they ever expected

✨My Thoughts✨

Let me just start by saying that this book is definitely one book you need to read. Go out and buy it today, it’s utterly fantastic. It had me bawling my eyes out and also had me in fits of giggles.

The basis of this storyline is quite simple:

  • Two people meet and fall in love.
  • An event happens to separate said two people.
  • The following is the classic “will-they-won’t-they” get back together.

With Samuels Irish charm, I instantly fell in love with him. It’s no wonder Sophie did. The same can’t be said about Sophie though. My first impressions of her weren’t as great, but once the Samuel effect had it’s hold on her (and the fact she was Welsh) I grew very much to like her. And, this made it easier to become invested in the story of will they get back together.

I loved the secondary characters in this story, and they were the ones that gave me the most laughter and tears if I’m to be honest. Samuels family, the McLaughlins were the type of family we all want in our lives. Ma and das relationship was so wonderful, and we can see where Samuel gets his lust for life from. I loved the connection between Samuel and his da. The scene when they were driving and chasing little Timmy, with Michael Caine obstructing the way was hilarious. And, very heart warming also, because here we see how da is really coping with the events that have occured.

Charlie, Sophie’s next door neighbour. His story had me reading most of his story through tears, I would have to stop to wipe my tears (a lot). But, without Charlie in the story we wouldn’t get to see another side of Sophie. And, obviously the confusion that follows. But, that is something you’ll just have to read about yourselves.

There are so many things and details I want to praise about this story. But, if I told you too much I’d give away too much. And, the beauty of this book is to let the story unfold and get immersed into the lives of Sophie and Samuel.

Thank you to Headline and Alara for my gifted copy. And biggest thanks goes to Emma Cooper for introducing me to Sophie Williams and Samuel McLaughlin.

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