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In the first of the Burrowhead Mysteries, an atmospheric murder investigation unearths the brutal history of a village where no one is innocent.

When psychotherapist Alexis Cosse is found murdered in the playground of the sleepy northern village of Burrowhead, the local police force of Georgie, Trish and Simon investigate.

Leads take them from Alexiss recent clients to local bullies, exposing a maelstrom of racism, misogyny, abuse and homophobia that has been simmering beneath the surface of the village.

Shaken by the revelations and beginning to doubt her relationship with her husband Fergus, Georgie starts to realise something bad is lurking under the soil in Burrowhead, while someone (or something) equally threatening is hiding in the strange and haunted cave beneath the cliffs.


Many thanks to Anne Cater for my stop on this blog tour. And, to Point Blank Books for my gifted copy in exchange of an honest review.

Where do I start to review such a story? After reading the synopsis I had figured the story to be a police procedural uncovering the truth behind the murder of Alexis Cosse. And, yes this is what we get, but it’s written in a style that draws you into the tale. It haunts you from within and entices you with its poetic words. Helen Sedgwick certainly knows how to engage the reader into a mysterious story.

I found I couldn’t just pick this book up and read a few chapters here and there in between doing chores. I had to invest time into reading this to fully immerse myself into the storyline and understand what was going on. There were a few times which I wasn’t sure what was happening and had to re-read to make sense. But, this just shows the intelligence and difference of the writing style.

The characters in this story are definitely that, characters. And because we are so engrossed in the story, these characters become a part of our lives for a while. It’s like they don’t leave you when you put the book down.

I think special mention needs to go to the village in the book, Burrowhead. The way Sedgwick describes the village and it’s surroundings in the eerie style of hers. Burrowhead becomes a character in itself. There was something evil and not quite nice about the village, and the people who inhabit it seemed to have an underlying malice about them.

The investigation into the murder of Alexis Cosse digs up a wealth of hatred that is simmering in the village. It seems everyone has some malevolent traits within them. Like the weather in Burrowhead which seems to be always dark and eerie, this is the whole tone of the book. This of course is not a negative point because I always say the darker and grittier a story of murder the better.

If you’re looking for a nice cozy murder mystery then look elsewhere. If you want something that’s more special and unique; a story that after you’ve read the last page will stay with you because it’s seeped into your soul. Then When The Dead Come Calling is the book for you.

Follow the rest of the tour for more reviews. I’ll definitely be having a look to see what everyone else thought.

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