46% Better Than Dave by Alaistair Puddick @HankShandy @LoveBooksGroup Raven Crest Books. #BookReview #LoveBooksTours

A novel of jealousy, muddy shoes and giant barbecues.
Dave Brookman’s new next-door neighbour is ruining his life. Because in a bizarre coincidence, he’s also called Dave Brookman, he’s the same age and he even grew up in the same town. There is one big difference, though. This new Dave is vastly more successful in every way.
As Dave starts questioning everything about himself, suddenly his perfect life seems a lot less than perfect. And what starts as friendly rivalry soon turns into obsessive jealousy and crazy behaviour that could see Dave lose it all. Can he get a grip before it’s too late? 

My Thoughts

This is the reason I love doing blog tours. I get to read books that would never have been on my radar. I get introduced to new authors, and I get to be amazed each time.

Thanks to Kelly Lacey at Love Books Group for my spot on this blog tour and also to Alaistair and Raven Crest Books for my gifted digital copy in exchange of an honest review.

This is Puddick’s third novel, but my first of his that I have read. And, going by this one I’ll most definitely be getting the other two.

Ok, so what’s this story about? We meet Dave Brockman. He has a good life, an amazing family. He’s great at his creative marketing job. He lives in a fantastic house. But, when new neighbours move in next door. Dave starts to re-evaluate his whole life. Why? Well how’s this for a massive coincidence? The new next door neighbour is also called Dave Brockman, he works in creative marketing and he also has a stunning wife and two kids. Original Dave can’t quite believe what is going on. And, in a tale of trying to be better than others and comparing yourself, Dave suddenly spirals out of control.

Let me just put it out there, I wanted to give Dave a massive slap round the face. On numerous occasions, he really annoyed me!! (Yes, double exclamation marks annoyed) Seriously couldn’t Dave see what he was doing was completely stupid. Talk of mid-life crisis. Dave was on the verge of destruction. He believed that New Dave was better than him (can you guess by how much?) And, that the only way to remedy this was to set out a plan. What follows is a story of pure gold. I loved it, and despite hating Dave most of the time, I just couldn’t put the book down. I wanted to know what dumb arse stupid thing Dave would do next.

This book was such an easy read, and Puddick captures real life perfectly. We’ve all been there haven’t we? Comparing ourselves to others. Wondering what we could do to be better, and getting dam right angry with that other person for seemingly being perfect. Trust me in the fact that you need to read what Dave does to be on par with new Dave. It will have you fuming, rolling your eyes and also it will have you chuckling away. Because, Puddick delivers this story with just enough humour to top off a great tale.

Some of my highlights were to name a few, the huge challenge he takes on in being fit, that classic boardroom scene, I was in fits of laughter with that. The carpet mushroom… Oh I could go on. But, that would ruin your enjoyment because you know your going to buy this book now.

Here’s the link to make life easier for you https://amzn.to/2ozTsi2 you can thank me later. I’m off now to get Puddick’s other two books The Unexpected Vacation of George Thring, Killing Dylan.

Alastair Puddick is a writer and editor who has spent the past 20 years writing for a variety of magazines and websites. His work has spanned many different paths, from jetting off to exciting cities across the world to writing about dating advice, data centres, facilities management and the exciting world of flooring. He also once wrote an agony advice column posing as Elvis Presley’s ghost.
Alastair still works as a copywriter and lives in Sussex with his wife, Laura, and cat, George. He has written three novels: The Unexpected Vacation of George Thring, Killing Dylan and his newest book, 46% Better Than Dave.

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