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Five years after Ashley King survived the infamous Resort Massacre, she’s found hanging in her basement by her fiancé, Todd Matthews. She left behind clues as to what really happened that night, clues that may reveal the identity of the killer the press has called The Wraith.

With the help of his friends, Todd goes back to the crumbling Hayden Resort, a death-tinged ruin in the Catskills Mountains. What they find is a haunted history that’s been lying in wait for a fresh set of victims. The Wraith is back, and he’s nothing what they expected

256 pages
ISBN13 9781787581807

✨My Thoughts ✨✨

The blurb and cover of this book shows that we aren’t getting a cutesy story of love and friendship here. This book is a horror and boy does it pack a punch.

If you were to name the most infamous villains from slasher movies, I can bet Freddie Krueger, Michael Myers and Leatherface would top the lists. Well, dear readers let me just tell you that Hunter Shea has only gone and unveiled a rival to compete against these giants of the slasher films. Welcome onto the scene “The Wraith”

The Wraith is a character that’s born from the creative genius that is Shea. Everything that you want in a villian is what you get:
Psychotic ✔️
Blood thirsty ✔️
Mysterious ✔️
Pure evil with cherries on top ✔️

Like all classic 80s slasher films this story had all the elements needed.

✨A gang of friends, who don’t always make the wisest of choices.
✨ A deserted location. Run down and abandoned and in the middle of nowhere. No-one will here you scream.
✨ A psycho serial killer on the loose.
✨Lots of blood and gore. Great descriptions from Shea gives you a real sense of the bloodshed.
✨WTF moments when a character ultimately makes a stupid decision. You know the outcome ain’t going to be pretty but you just love it anyway.
✨ The delightful ‘have-they-haven’t-they’ died scenes. These are always paramount in any movie as it gives you the shock value.

I really can’t fault this book if I’m honest. It took me back to my childhood of binge watching Nightmare on Elm Street, or renting out Friday The 13th every Saturday from the video shop.

I would love for this book to be adapted into a film and for The Wraith to become synonymous with all the other heroes of the slasher films. (Yes I said heroes, because cmon you got to love Freddy and Jason don’t you? Or is that just me)

There were plenty of scenes of guts and gore to keep me satisfied. Shea’s love for the 80s movies sure does show in this book. He has taken all the elements we love about them and moulded them into a brand new, fresh story of the ultimate legend of serial killers.

Thank you so much to Anne Cater for giving me the opportunity to be on this blog tour. Thank you to Flame Tree Press for my gifted copy. But my utmost thanks and gratitude goes to Hunter Shea for breathing life into The Wraith.

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